Welcome to Eighth Fire Starters Radio. In honor of the next chapter in the Universal story of connection and protection with and of our Mother Earth, join in conversation about issues, events and movement toward unity and service to global regeneration.

Inspired by the Seventh Generation’s call for unity, the embers must be kept aglow.



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It has long been time for the people of the lands to find unity and, together, take full responsibility for the way we walk with our Mother Earth. As more and more people begin to wake up, the possibility of future regeneration feels palpable.

Rachel hosts inspiring and engaging conversations with a diverse range of people standing up to shift the singularity paradigm to one of unity and right stewardship. Speaking with community members, artists and random muses, about relevant topics like: true unity and collaboration, environmental justice, women and youth leadership, Indigenous Rights, sovereign indemnity, decolonization and reclamation, sexual sovereignty, creative and spiritual justice, food sovereignty, divestment, fossil fuel extraction, transport export and storage. Merely skimming the surface of the colliding intersections we are standing smack in the middle of, Rachel facilitates conversations about issues and experience that many are hesitant to explore. Independent musicians and artists are prioritized on Eighth Fire Starters Radio.

Eighth Fire Starters Radio airs on WIOF LP—Woodstock 104 Mondays from 5:00-7:00 pm, broadcasting out of Woodstock, NY on 104.1. The local broadcast range is limited, but we are working to bring the show to the web. Rachel Marco-Havens has been broadcasting during these hours for two years, as “The Same Boat Radio”, building a strong listenership. The show has been as freeform as it gets, and we are working to bring more guests and conversation to the airwaves.

The show goes out on live feed via Facebook whenever possible. We enjoy engaging our listeners in the conversation. It’s richer that way.

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